Monday, June 9, 2008

I leave today!

I leave tonight. Crazy! I'm all packed, I think, though I may re-pack a few more times for good measure. Kiana made a foam-lined case for my Airliner guitar, and right now she's putting the finishing touches on a foam-lined case for my old HP Pavilion that I'll be bringing (which I just upgraded to 512 MB of blistering-fast RAM. Yes, that's sarcasm.) She's managed to prick her fingers and bleed a little on both cases, so I'll be bringing a bit of her with me to the other side of the world. She's so romantic.

Here's the itinerary they cooked up for me at Passport Travel
Dep. Seattle 20:05 6/9/08, Arr. London 16:15 6/10/08 (Northwest/KLM)
Dep. London 19:15 6/10/08, Arr. Nairobi 6:06 6/11/08 (Virgin Atlantic)
Dep. Nairobi 8:00 6/11/08, Arr. Kilimanjaro 8:50 6/11/08 (Precision Air)
Total travel time: Just over 24 hours. And I don't get a Tuesday this week. The whole trip rang in at just over USD$2000, which isn't bad. I think I got the cheap ticket because I'm routed through Nairobi. There are direct flights from London to Dar Es Salaam, but those itineraries run about $1000 more from what I've seen. I'm glad I got a travel agent this time (thanks, Kathy).

For the trip, I'm bringing two books and a can of wasabi peas. That should keep me entertained for a few hours. Right?

Happy trails...


Poker said...

Be sure to detune the guitar, so's the air pressure changes don't rip its head off.

Poker said...

(This is Phil, by the way. Not sure why Blogger is calling me 'Poker'.)

jody said...

Hi kristian!!

what an amazing and worthy journey you are making. you have my very best wishes and blessings for lots of lovely surprises, wellness, courage, and nothing short of absolute genius in everything you do there.

fun times!